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Gulgong's Antique & Collectables Auction


Starts 10am at the Gulgong Memorial Hall


Updated list as of 3rd May 2022



 Lg Wooden Trunk, Bathroom Cabinet, Edwardian Leather Upholstered Chair, French carriage Clock with Orig Case(Fine piece), Rest HallstandC1930, Painted Oak Dropside Trolley, Vict C/I Hearth Surround, 2xCoffee Tables, Pr Edwardian Carvers in orig condition with Leatherette seats, Tapestry Double seat Piano Stool, Maple China Cabinet with glass shelves, doors and curved corners, Unique Cedar Bedside Cabinet of Shelf above Single drawer and carved door cabinet below, Cedar Washstand with Spindle Gallery, Lidded Clothes Basket, Moran 2xSeater Leather Chesterfield with 2xMatching Chairs and Footstool, Vintage Oval Top Mirror, Nursing Chair, Office Swivel Chair, 1886 Cedar Dining Table ex Parramatta Hospital, 2xSideboards, Chilren's Chairs, Dining Chairs, Cane Chairs, Kitchen Pot stand, Tractor Seat Stool, Rustic Coat rack, Lamp Tables, Bedside Cabinets, Antique Sideboard, Butler's Sink, Vintage School Table



 Clear font Lamps, Grecian Key Pat Lamps in Green, Amber, Blue; Dia cut Crystal Bowl, Attractive Fruit Bowl, Pink and Green Depression pieces, Pink Milk Glass Fluted Candleholder, Frosted Amber Font Table Lamp, Marigold Persian Medallion Bowl, Pr Gold Plated Pendant Lights with upright Frosted Shades, Pr Gold Plated Pendant Lights with Scroll supports, 6xPoint Brass Chandelier, Crystal Chandelier, Large Brass and Gold Chandelier, Wall Mounted Brass and Gold Chandelier, Heavy Pressed Comport/Centre Piece on EP Stand, Pink Cake Stand, 3xCrystal Bowls, 10xCrystal Pcs, 2xRepro Banquet Lamps, Crystal Pcs, Decanter, Large Crystal Bowl, Large Crystal Vases




Plaster Koala on a Stump 32cm, 2xPlaster Kookaburras, Superior Cold Cream Pot, Crown Devon Musical Mug, 2xRoyalty Cups 1887 and 1937, Doulton Bunnykins Mug, Doulton Cabinet Plate of Aust Aborigine, White Boudoir Ewer, Demijohn and basket, Porcelain Dolls,  Superb Pr Large Japanese Table Lamps with Shades, Pr Gilt Dec Grecian Style Lamps, 5x Meakin Sunshine Cake Plates, Shelley Plate, Meakin Lettuce Plates, Maxwell Williams Collectibles, English Pcs, Willow Platter, B/W Tureen, B/W Figurine, Doulton Plate, Large Porcelain Pekinese Dog, Porcelain Dolphin, 



50xLots to include Moissanite Diamond Rings, Opals, Tanzanites, Emeralds, Rubies, Topaz and more, Silver Ep Ware



Ep Ware, Lots Souvenir Spoons, Assorted Silverware



Rural Scene Water Colour by Ross Fittler, Landscape Oil on Board by H.Burns, Lg Oil on Board by Rolf Harris 1979(one of his famous upside down works), 3D Bark Art of Central Aust by Maurice Mead. Unframed Canvas 1st Nude by Robinson, Pr Colonial Oils featuring Water Birds, Large Gilt Frame Oil on Board signed Lang, Framed Vict Advert for Ayres Games and Sports, Framed Poster for Old MacDonald's Farm



Rabbit Trap Wine Holder, Brass fitted Walking Stick, Steel Rope Pulley 1912,

Bakelite Radio, Bale Stencils, Tele Insulators, Adze, Tin Wash Basin, Wire Strainers, Shoe Last, Bale Hook, Branding Iron, Brush Cutter, Malleys 10 gal Milk Can, Kero Heater, Tin Trunk, Mantel Clock AF, Draft Horse Collar, 2xTractor Seats, 3xResch's Beer bottles, Leather Rifle Bag, Mesh Food Cover, Rabbit traps incl Lanes Ace, Victor etc, Large collection early Ink Bottles, 8xcased Cut Throats, 10xRazor cases, 12x Bone Handle Cut Throats, 4xHorn Handle Cut Throats, Cased Wilkinson and Baker Razors, Xylonite Razor and Beard Trimmer, Bronze Kookaburra Plaque, Aluminium Bread Bin, Boot Last, “Ox Head” Butcher's Cleaver, Enamel Wee Willie Candle holder,  3xHair Clippers and Kaufman Box, Collectors Tins, BandH Cigarette Tin and contents of badges etc, 11xpcs Edwardian Lady's Perfumery, 2xVintage Cigarette cases and Lighter, Vintage Lady's Chamois Gloves and Hat pins, Early Doyley's Press, Anzac 75th Ann, Coin and Capt Cook coin, 20xlots quality Ref's incl War, Aircraft, Sporting Life Mag's, 20x lts Stamp Albums, Stamps, 1st Day Covers, Lots of Vintage Tools, Collection Hessian Bags, Saddle, Early Arnotts Tin filled with Vintage House keys, Vintage Child's Pull Along Toy in Orig Box, Pr l Boxes, Early Tin Shaving Cabinet, Vintage GEC Elec Iron in Orig Box, Whale's Tooth Scrimshaw “Eagle” 1856, State Savings Bank Vict Money Box, Edwardian Photo on Tin, V Early Elec Cigar Lighter, 6xPhantom Comics,  USA Oil Lamp, Red Cross Invalid's Ramekin, 1926 USA Novelty Clock, Rare Musical Bakelite Cigarette Dispenser, Piece early Jade Fish, Early Lockable Tin Security Box, 3xRoyalty Ephemera Souvenirs, Collection 1945 Newspapers re WW2, Unique gal Egg Bucket, Vintage HMV Record Player AF, Carved Peregrine Falcon, Setx24 Time Life “The Old West”, Large Franklin Mint Pewter Assemblage “The Hold Up”, Early German Alarm Clock, 4xlots Interesting Bottles, 2xEarly Mudgee Chemist Bottles for Elton and Dale, Amethyst Sauce and Pickles Bottles, Warners Melbourne Safe Medicines Bottle, Rosella Amethyst Sauce Bottle, Resch's Sydney Beer, Green Skittle and Moss' Schnappes, V Early Shop Scales and Weights, 3xEarly Lucas Carriage Lamps, Cased Steel Cutters, Box Australiana books, Rare and Important References include Story of Australia, Life and Explorations of Dr Livingstone(Leather bound with clasps), Essay NSW by GH Reid 1876, Vol's 1-4 The Queen's Empire, Lg Collection Early Tins, Boxes Vintage Tools, 4xC/I signs  Esso, G.Fleece, Shell, Railway, Boxes Vintage Bottles, 2xVintage Cash Tins, Early Photos of Explorers' Paries NSW and Q'land, Texaco Tin Sign, Early Scales, Cocoa Tin and contents, Leather Suit case, Collection Brass Ware, Lg Collection Weights, Box of Tins and Horse gear, 20l CSR Metho Drum, Lg Qty C/I Bath Feet, Banded Tin Trunk, Pony Saddle, Brss Fire Screens, Grease Pump, 2xBrass Blow Torches, 2xJacks, Box Oil Pots etc, Qty Large Picture Frames, 4xNative Carvings, xAdvert Mirrors, Munitions Box and Contents, 2xMotor manuals for Leyland and Morris/Austin, X Rated Magazines, Heiron and Smith Billirds Iron, Lg Qty Art references, Several Boxes Model Cars and Trucks, 2xTin Ceiling Roses, Cutlery Box and contents, 3xPistol Cases, 8xGun cases, Handbook to Chemistry and Physics, C/I Fire Tools, Ceramic/Glass Insulators, 2xBoxes 78 Records, 2x.32 Calibre Moulds, White Products Tin Sign, Penrite Tin Sign, Coca Cola Shop Sign, Acrylic Driza Bone Sign, Brass Boat Propellor 8”, One Man Cross Cut Saw, 2xman Cross Cut Saw, 3xC/I Letter Boxes, Trax Train Set unopened, Rabbit Traps incl Branded Tonks, Vintage Fishing Gear, Gladstone Bag, Toohey's Green Deer Brand Bottle, 2xPrs Excellent C/I Church Gates, Several lots Gulgong Flour Bags incl Golden Gate Plain, Kangaroo, Self Raising and Tremainsx4, Jewellery Boxes, Ref's include Historic Houses & Homesteads, Carters Mag's, Encyclopedia of Antiques, 8xHenry Lawson books, Paterson and Lawson, Wall Phone, Setx4 Cast Trolley Wheels, Large Steel Wheel, Cast Iron Signs, C/I Kookaburra, Vintage Number Plates, Vintage Phones, Milk Can, C/I Camp Oven, C/I Skillets, Golden Fleece Ram, Lanterns, Model Petrol Tankers, Motor Oil Bottles, Oil Pourers, Golden Fleece Dog Bowl, Anvil, Avery Scales and Weights, Candle Holders, Oil Co Coasters, Stoeware Jars, Mariner's Magnifying Glass, Old keys, 2xBlue Shell Oil Bottles, Assorted Brassware, Old Bottles, Dinner bells, Vinyl Records