A highly productive rural enterprise of 119 hectares has sound farm improvements, an extensive water supply system and the scope for irrigation and intensive production interests.
Predominantly red and heavier black basalt soil types, all cleared rolling country with selected shade trees and shelter remaining. This farm has a long history of crop production and mixed farming endeavours across generations. Pasture improved with a balance of established clovers, grasses and cropping. Some 50 acres of intensive production has been irrigated and has water delivery infrastructure.
Fencing is well maintained with quality cattle fencing and subdivided into six paddocks, complete set of steel cattle handling yards with cattle crush bale-head and loading ramp are included, large steel enclosed 4 bay machinery shed with 2 bay annex provides machinery and fodder storage.

Water supply is a feature of this holding and includes, a water supply agreement for piped irrigation water from the Cudgegong River and an entitlement of 120 mega-litres. This supply comes to a turkeys nest dam that has an electric powered irrigation pump and system delivering to 6 sectors for intensive farming options.
There is a bore with electric submersible pump providing a further irrigation water option, two further unequipped bores and one share bore with easement for adjoining neighbour. Livestock water is well catered for with Fords Creek across the property and 4 sound stock water dams.