Our Selling Process

  1. Signing the agreement activates our service
  2. We will then prepare a list of features and benefits of your property
  3. We'll give you a checklist to help you prepare your home for sale
  4. We'll book a photography session
  5. We'll advise your legal representative to prepare all necessary documentation
  6. Your keys will be cut, tagged and registered
  7. Our marketing department gets to work
  8. All required marketing for our media release and on-going advertising will be booked
  9. We send a text and email to our data base of buyers (coming soon message)
  10. Signage arranged
  11. A team visit is arranged at a time that suits you
  12. We begin to receive buyer interest and qualify buyers to prepare for viewing
  13. We target surrounding local residents to generate interest
  14. We launch our media release promoting your property
  15. We give you written updates regarding buyer feedback and any offers
  16. We negotiate with buyers and document the best possible outcome
  17. We seek your advice and authority during ALL negotiations
  18. All documentation required is signed by both parties
  19. We put a SOLD sticker on your sign
  20. Your sale is finalised once settlement occurs